Democratizing Autonomy
To accelerate the advent of fully driverless cars.

With lead in China, RoboTaxi maker turns sights on U.S. [ZDNet]

AutoX Passes 1,000 Vehicles Milestone for its RoboTaxi Fleet, the Largest in China

AutoX Expands its Largest Robotaxi Operations Zone to over 1000 km²

AutoX Builds the First Level 4 RoboTaxi Production Line in China

AutoX Operates China’s Largest Fully Driverless RoboTaxi Service Area Covering 65 mi2 of Shenzhen

Ultimate Challenge for RoboTaxi: AutoX fully driverless AV navigates urban villages in China

AutoX Launches Gen5 Fully Driverless System Production for RoboTaxis

AutoX Opens Its Fully Driverless RoboTaxi Service to the Public in China

AutoX just got even closer to making autonomous driving a reality [CNN]

AutoX becomes China's first to remove safety drivers from RoboTaxis [TechCrunch]

Autonomous car firm AutoX starts driverless testing [Reuters]

AutoX's RoboTaxi is available to anyone in Shanghai [ZDNet]

AutoX sets up ‘Asia’s largest robotaxi operations centre’ in Shanghai [SCMP]

Self-driving technology accessible to everyone is AutoX’s goal [KrAsia]

China's self-driving taxis hit the gas on commercial aspirations [Nikkei]

AutoX Granted Driverless Permit by California DMV

AutoX and Fiat Chrysler are teaming up on a robotaxi for China [TechCrunch]

AutoX Rolls Out the first “Driverless Ready” RoboTaxi for China

AutoX gave the Robotaxi ride in the hisotry of California

Navigating CES 2019 Traffic in AutoX’s Self-Driving Car

AutoX Launched the First Autonomous Delivery Services in CA

The AutoX Self-driving Car
with the safest driverless AI for the most challenging scenarios
AutoX is the frontrunner of RoboTaxi in China. AutoX’s self-driving car is capable of handling the most challenging and dynamic traffic scenarios in urban cities around the world. AutoX is the first and the only company in China operating a fully driverless RoboTaxi service on public roads without any safety driver, covering the world's largest driverless area. AutoX also obtained the World's second driverless RoboTaxi permit from California.

The second company in the world to operate a robotaxi service without a driver in the vehicle

The first truly driverless autonomous taxis are hitting the road in China

A massive RoboTaxi data center is the hub for an enterprising experiment masterminded by a man known as Professor X

Leading RoboTaxi in China
Built the first and the largest
Fully Driverless RoboTaxi fleet in China


AutoX Gen5

The first hardware ready self-driving car to handle the most complex downtown traffic


First in China and second in the world to deploy driverless robotaxi; Second to obtain the driverless RoboTaxi permit in California

AutoX Operates the Largest RoboTaxi Fleet in China: Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing.
Global Footprint
Technology + Market

AutoX has the largest engineering team in China with five R&D centers globally.

Silicon Valley R&D Center
Beijing R&D and Operations Center
Changzhou Factory
Shanghai R&D and Operations Center
R&D and
Operations Center
Shenzhen Headquarter
Shenzhen Headquarter
Guangzhou R&D and Operations Center