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Six R&D Centers Globally

Silicon Valley • Hangzhou • Shenzhen • Shanghai • Beijing • Guangzhou
We are hiring both software engineers and hardware engineers.

  • I started AutoX with the idea
    to build the best environment for the engineers
    to focus on deep tech and perfection of product
    without any distraction and with full support.
  • Jianxiong Xiao (Professor X), Founder & CEO
  • The first self-driving robotaxis are
    being rolled out on the streets of tech hub Shenzhen.
  • Allen Wan, Chief Editor at Bloomberg
Why AutoX?
The most ideal environment for the best tech talents
Laser focused on Level 4 RoboTaxi with no distraction
Strongest & biggest player targeting the largest market of the world
Technology and first principles drive every one of our decisions
Software, Hardware, and Service united approach to solve autonomoy
Tech-first company culture with maximum intellectual freedom
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