Designed for
Urban Driving
  • Advanced Approach to Build the Tech for Self-driving Cars in Challenging City Traffic

Designed for Fully Driverless

Equiped with the most advanced sensors for the highest level of safety. Our goal is to remove any traffic accident in the world.
  • I have seen the future of mobility, and it is on the roads in Shenzhen!
  • Thomas Tsao, Cofounder and Chairman of Gobi Partners
  • The first self-driving robotaxis in China are
    being rolled out on the streets of tech hub Shenzhen.
  • Allen Wan, Chief Editor at Bloomberg
Professor X
Founding Scientist of 3D Deep Learning
Solo Winner of Global MIT TR35 in Self-driving Industry
Former Professor at Princeton University
Founder of the Princeton Computer Vision & Robotics Lab
PhD from MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
Become X-men and X-women to make the world safer together!